Young, independent and organic: since 2003 these are the three words guiding our work at the Trebotti winefarm. Our enterprise was born from the willpower of the three Botti siblings, who grew up between the city of Rome and the Veneto countryside, and found a home in the vineyard and the winery built along the borders of Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany.


There is no wine without grape: this is why grapevines have always been our main focus. We inherit from the family tradition our passion for the environment, the vineyard and the wine. Following his grandfather’s footsteps, Ludovico became an agronomist too: he partners with universities and research institutes and was named among the 12 best young farmers by the Italian Department of Agriculture in 2012 ("Nuovi fattori di successo" award). With passion and professionalism we experiment and innovate to achieve a “good, clean and fair” production.


In order to produce top quality wines we grow Grechetto, Violone, Sangiovese e Aleatico, which are all native grapevines to the Tuscia terroir. The only exception is our family varietal, Manzoni Bianco, created in the 1930’s by our esteemed ancestor Prof. Luigi Manzoni, a wine pioneer and the headmaster of Conegliano Veneto’s oenological institute.


Our explosive wines originate from the eruptions of the volcanic Lake Bolsena, the largest in Europe. Rich volcanic terrains confer minerality and elegant complexity to our wines. These characteristics, specific to volcanic wines, also grant them longevity.


For years we have been members of FIVI, the Independent Winegrowers Italian Federation. We exclusively grow our grapes and bottle our wine. We follow directly all phases of production from vineyard to bottle. We are keepers and promoters of our territory, and we preserve the landscape. We put our money where our mouth is; consumers can visit us on ground, meet us and thus become co-producers by buying responsibly.