Last year Ludovico, the family agronomist, received the award "Nuovi fattori di successo" from the Ministry of Agrarian and Forestry Politics for Trebotti's philosophy, experimentation and innovative ideas regarding environmental sustainability; he ranked 5th among the 12 best young Italian farmers.
The "Gocce" was named Slow Wine 2013 at the Salone del gusto in Turin and won the Calix Aureus award for best wine within the selection from Latium. The Vini Buoni d'Italia Guide published by Touring assigned to Trebotti the Eco-Friendly Award 2012 for the effort shown in protecting and preserving the values of oenological culture and eco-sustainability, and the Michele D'Innella Award for communication in the oenological sector.
Throughout the years, Trebotti has also obtained a silver medal and several special mentions at the international festival of organic wines BIODIVINO.

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