TREBOTTI also started a small organic production of honey and extra-virgin olive oil. Additional products are the Bludom jelly, the honey-dipped hazelnuts, the honey and hazelnut cream and the organic Bludom-soaked pecorino cheese. Wine, honey and olive oil are three of the more noble and evocative products of Italian agriculture and deeply bond together nature, tradition and search for the highest quality: three values and aims upon which the TREBOTTI organic farm built its philosophy.

3b-olio The TREBOTTI extra-virgin olive oil is made using the typical olive varieties of Tuscia DOP – Leccino, Moraiolo, Canino and Frantoio – and a low temperature method of oil extraction called "Sinolea", which preserves all the organoleptic characteristics and a soft fruity flavour. The tireless jenny Jane is in charge of grassing and dunging the olive tree grove; thanks to her pasturing in different areas throughout the year there is no need for tractors. After attending specialised courses held by Giorgio Pannelli, Francesco e Giulia now manage pruning. The harvest is in November and entails hand-picking, mechanical harvesters and the willing help of friends and family. Olives are carried to the mill and grounded within the next 12/24 hours.
Package: 0,5l bottles; 3l and 5l cans.

3b-mieleSince its foundation in 2003 TREBOTTI has created a partnership soon also become friendship with Reinhard Rohrwacher, a great nomadic honey-maker based in Italy. Beehives are spread across the Alviano Natural Reserve, in unsoiled and uncultivated land that guarantees a high-quality organic production.
Varieties: monofloral acacia, chestnut, honeydew and wildflower.
Package: 250g and 500g glass jars.

3b-mielenoccioleOrganic honey is paired with another excellent produce from Tuscia: the Cimini Hills hazelnuts. This local nut variety is also known as the gentle rounded Roman and is one of the gems of Italian hazel cultivation. This amazing union between honey and hazelnuts is produced in two versions: toasted whole hazelnuts dipped in honey, and honey and hazelnut cream, which is a blend of hazelnut paste and honey.
Package: 220g and 430g glass jars.

3b-gelatinaThe jelly is obtained by mixing Bludom – an Organic Aleatico IGP Lazio Raisin Wine –, sugar and apple pectin. It perfectly accompanies mature cheese such as organic pecorino soaked in Bludom, and ricotta. It can also be spread over venison dishes like the typical Tuscia hare to refine its strong taste, or over sliced homemade bread.
Package: 110g and 220g glass jars.

3b-pecorinoIlThe pecorino cheese soaked in Bludom is produced by the farm "Fattoria la Parrina" by sinking in Bludom whole organic sheep cheese for a period of ten days and turning it daily so that the raisin wine can be fully absorbed. This type of cheese is highly appreciated among our customers, thanks to the excellent quality of the produce and to the characteristic flavour added by the Trebotti Bludom Aleatico raisin wine. It is usually commercialised after being aged for about 30 days, but it can also be enjoyed when 3 months old.
Package: 130g and 700g vacuum-packed whole cheese.