The TREBOTTI farm dominates the hills overlooking the Alviano Natural Reserve and the Tiber valley between Latium and Umbria, right on the border dividing the medieval villages of Castiglione in Teverina and Civitella D’Agliano, which are two of the gems of Tuscia with a centuries long tradition in vine and olive cultivation. Since the beginning Trebotti has tried to spread its philosophy through ecotourism and cultural events. The winery has hosted weddings and private parties and, under the slogan “Trebotti in Teverina Vino Arte Cultura”, organises jazz and rock concerts, art and photo exhibitions, technical conferences on sustainability, agriculture, archaeology and special events such as the “Biovendemmia” (Organic Harvest) day.  

Trebotti is also a B&B that offers to its guests the possibility to choose among an array of touristic itineraries focused on ecotourism, culture, art, wine and gastronomy, nature. Many lovely locations are within easy reach: the medieval village of Castiglione in Teverina; Civita di Bagnoregio, aka “the dying town” and its calanques; Orvieto; Lake Bolsena. On top of the hills dominating the Tiber valley, at a short distance from the winery, stands our farmhouse where to spend a comfortable and quiet stay amidst nature. 


Incanthus, il Grechetto
The tour includes a guided visit to the winery, vineyard and working areas with a complete explanation of the organic winemaking process and the ongoing projects on sustainability, plus a tasting of 3 types of wine paired to typical local delicacies.
Duration: 1 h – Fee: 5€/person

Castiglionero, il Violone
The tour includes a guided visit to the farm, starting from the “Pianale”, one of the vineyard planted with the Violone variety; then moving onto the olive tree grove and meeting Jane the jenny, and finally to the winery and its working areas with a complete explanation of the organic winemaking process and the ongoing projects on sustainability. It ends with a tasting of 3 wines of choice paired to typical organic delicacies from Tuscia.
Duration: 2 hrs – Fee: 9€/person

Bludom, l’Aleatico
The tour starts with a walk in the vineyards and in the olive tree grove where you can meet our jenny, Jane and discover our production of farm compost; it then continues toward the bio-lake passing through our newest Aleatico cultivation. It ends at the winery, with a visit to its working areas (the withering cell, the oak barrels) and a complete tasting of all our wines during a light lunch showcasing the best organic products of Tuscia, while overlooking the breathtaking landscape of the Alviano Natural Reserve.
Duration: 3 hrs – Fee: 19€/person

Gocce, il Violone Riserva
The tour starts from the MUVIS, the Wine Museum in Castiglione in Teverina, which is a unique building once home of the former Vaselli winery: 4000 square metres on four levels where the history of winemaking is intertwined with an exciting socio-anthropological itinerary. Especially interesting is the subterranean floor, which still holds the gigantic old wooden barrels. We then move to the Trebotti Farm for a walk through the vineyards and the olive tree grove where you can meet our jenny Jane, discover our production of farm compost and admire the bio-lake. We finally visit the winery, for a look into the secrets of winemaking and sustainable agriculture, and a tasting of all our wines together with a buffet of the best organic products of Tuscia.
Duration: 5 hrs – Fee: 35€/person

PLEASE NOTE: all tours must be booked in advance and confirmed by the Trebotti Organic Farm. Customised tours and tastings can be arranged for guests of the Trebotti BioB&B.